What would the team do


We asked Will Hass to recall their Junior's race
at Dave Jordan Classic on June 5th, 2016

At the beginning, just like any other junior race, someone sprinted from the very start. This time, it was Andrew Petti who lead the group for the first hundred or so meters. That move dropped a few people, and we continued to push a relatively hard pace going through 100th street, where someone hit someone's wheel and swerved into the joggers lane, almost taking out 2 people with him. Oliver Yancey then went off the front with about a two second gap going into S - turn, where I then bridged and then got to the front.

We still had about 12 people at this point, and I set a hard pace up Harlem Hill, dropping a few people. Going through the rollers, I attacked on the first, Parker attacked on the second, and we were all together by the third roller. I then attacked on the downhill, Eamonn Schnell bridged me and we had a 2-3 second gap, the group caught us, and we let up the pace by a lot.

Andrew then communicated with me that there were 1.5 miles to go, and I should lead him out going onto Cat's Paw. 1 mile to the finish Oliver attacked, with me and Andrew controlling the front. Going onto 72nd street I took the lead with Andrew on my wheel, then Parker, then Eamonn. I sprinted to about 1/2 the hill, Parker went around me, Andrew got on his wheel with Eamonn, and Eamonn out sprinted everyone.

- Will Hass