A Call for Interested Riders

As we enter the final month of the 2016 calendar year the Century Road Club Development Foundation enjoyed several important milestones off the bike:

  • We restructured the program to include U23 riders with the goal of improving the transition from Junior/Collegiate racing while also increasing the scale of the CRCDF Team.
  • We introduced Mikael Hanson as the coach of the CRCDF Team, bringing significant expertise and guidance to the program.
  • We established the Dave Jordan Grant Program to help fund race opportunities for riders in need, including for riders who guest ride for CRCDF at significant events.

It was also a successful season on the bike as the team participated in events across the East Coast including the Killington Stage Race, racking up a variety of impressive results in the process.

Now, as the 2017 season approaches we are once again putting out the call for riders interested in the CRCDF Team to reach out via our JOIN page for additional information on the program!

Matthew Vandivort

Matthew Vandivort is a New York City based cyclist and sometimes photographer who was also a founding member of To Be Determined. You can follow him online at @photorhetoric or http://photo-rhetoric.com/